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Those of you who know me know that I successfully built up a wine magazine for the German-speaking world as a pioneer in online news during the first decade of this century. Today, after 12 years and thousands of articles in this profession, it is time to focus on new demands and adapt to a modern way of consuming news, stories, experiences and pleasures.

I have outlined the offerings that will soon be awaiting you in the following overview. Preparations for this have so far been delayed by the Corona pandemic, so the “big relaunch” with individual departments will start during Q1 2021.

For those who don’t know me – my name is Arthur Wirtzfeld, wine journalist, editor, photo designer and magazine designer. I have been publishing since 1994, and in January 2008 I launched my online wine magazine YOOPRESS. It was the first net-based wine magazine in German with regular news from the world of wine. This was one of the reasons why Google-News accepted my wine editorial as the only German-language news portal to date and published the wine articles on their platform in parallel. And since 2012, I have been producing the Weinfeder journal, which subscribers receive as a PDF and e-journal.

As of September 2018, I’m supporting the Vinum team in building and establishing their web presence. And now, on the threshold of 2021, the time has come for me to dedicate myself once again to a wine project of my own that is contemporary, journalistic in nature, and medially concerned with the German and international wine scene.


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As usual, current and regular news, reports, dossiers from the world of wines.


A new visual reading experience in a virtual, networked environment - as exciting as a thriller.

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Vinophile key for the special. Get access to stories and exceptional wines.

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Use contacts, knowledge and offers of the portal. As a subscriber, you are assured of attractive benefits.

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Present your own PR where it will generate attention and find measurable resonance.

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Experience protagonists in pictures and motion. Authentic, close, touching, personal, informative.

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Manage your wine photos in albums, offer them to interested people and get more attention.


Where do I need to go? What can I experience? What do I have to try? We have tips and suggestions.

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