NEWSSome plant vines - others steal them

Some plant vines – others steal them

First vineyard in East Frisia receives pastoral blessing. The East Frisian Winegrowers’ Cooperative reports the planting of 4000 vines. Not surprising, really, since there was already wine growing in the far north of Germany. While this is good news for German viticulture and at the same time a sign of climate change, thieves recently stole more than 300 newly planted vines in Landau/Pfalz.

GERMANY (Westoverledingen) – A vineyard has been inaugurated in East Frisia with a solemn pastoral blessing. According to the Ostfriesische Winzergenossenschaft (OWG) on Monday, this is the first ever vineyard in the coastal region of Lower Saxony. On the approximately hectare-large area in Westoverledingen in the district Leer grow 4000 vines, partly of the varieties Souvignier Gris and Solaris.

As the cooperative now announced, members as well as helpers planted the plants of the varieties Souvignier Gris and Solaris in the past days. To the solemn conclusion now the blessing followed by a pastor, who is even member of the 2019 created OWG. According to their own statements, the initiators of the OWG came up with the idea of growing grapes due to the “climatic conditions” that have prevailed in the meantime. The region has the “potential” for it.

The project is supported by the winemaker Angela Schmücker from Rhineland-Palatinate. According to the cooperative, this is the first winegrowing project in East Frisia in about 150 years. Until the 19th century, wine was often grown in northern Germany, but mostly on a small scale for domestic use. There are also vineyards in other northern German states. There are now seven in Schleswig-Holstein, including on Föhr and Sylt.

300 planted Gewürztraminer vines stolen – police ask for tips

GERMANY (Venningen) – In Venningen, Rhineland-Palatinate, thieves have stolen more than 300 newly planted vines. The still unknown perpetrators stole the plants of the Gewürztraminer variety at an unspecified time last Sunday or Monday, according to the police in Landau (Palatinate) Landau in der Pfalz. The stolen vine plants had a value of about a thousand euros. From the perpetrators was missing at first any trace. The police asks for tips.

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