ARCHIVEOnly women's wines in the new Vienna wine shop

Only women’s wines in the new Vienna wine shop

All beginnings are difficult. Only a few days ago, the Swiss-born Madlaina Sladecek-Dosch, who has been living with her family in Vienna for four years, realized the idea in her new home with a wine store, in which there are only wines from female winemakers (in addition to Austria, there are also some Swiss ladies in the assortment). She was well received in printed Austrian media and in social media with her store “Vinofilia”. Only one Viennese wine merchant, long-established with Vinophilia & Cetera, pointed out the similarity of the name. So Madlaina was forced to make a correction.

AUSTRIA (Vienna) – Some things had to be changed, the homepage, the mail address, letterheads. Vinodea – “Wines from female vintners” is now the name of her business. The decisive last three letters can be spelled appropriately: Dora, Emma, Anna. And since Dea is the Latin name for goddess, the name now fits perfectly. Add to that the fact that her first name means “tower.” In a sense, this makes Madlaina a female tower in the Austrian wine trade scene.

The idea came about through an acquaintance with a female winemaker. She also enjoys touring the numerous vineyards in Vienna and was already considering acquiring a few rows of vines herself. But as a former embassy employee and internationally active German teacher, she lacked the necessary know-how and equipment to make wine from grapes, despite taking a wine course in Klosterneuburg. So then wine trade.

Her husband took it calmly and supported the 38-year-old where it was possible for a weak man. But when it comes to purchasing, she is on her own. The range includes well-known winemakers such as Birgit Eichinger and Silvia Heinrich, as well as a number of newcomers. “Alongside the pioneers, I mainly want to do something for women who are relatively new to the wine scene,” she says. Already in the first few days, she has noticed that the demand for this group is excellent. So far, the clientele is balanced: about equal numbers of women and men.

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