ARCHIVEChampagne, rap and cannabis

Champagne, rap and cannabis

While the entire French wine industry suffers from Corona, so also the producers of Champagne, curiosities arise in the hotspot Bordeaux in terms of wine: sales of champagne 2020 collapsed by 18 percent – Rapper Jay-Z sells half of his champagne company – Bordeaux with cannabis extract.

FRANCE (Reims) – Closed hotels, bars and restaurants caused the worldwide sales of champagne to collapse last year. The bottom line was a minus of 18 percent, as the industry’s trade association has now confirmed. Accordingly, around 245 million bottles of the sparkling drink were sold worldwide in 2020. That was a “black year” for champagne, it said.

At the same time, the industry had “coped well” with the crisis by scaling back production. The result was ultimately better than expected in July, it said when asked. Reduced tourism as a measure to curb the Corona pandemic also contributed to the loss, it said.

Rapper Jay-Z sells half of his champagne company to luxury group LVMH – purchase price for Ace of Spades not disclosed

FRANCE (Chigny-les-Roses) – The US rapper Jay-Z, husband of R&B diva Beyoncé and first rap billionaire in history, has sold half of his shares in the champagne brand Armand de Brignac again – to the French luxury goods group LVMH, which has among others the famous champagne brands Moët & Chandon or Dom Pérignon in its portfolio. LVMH will also take over the worldwide distribution for Armand de Brignac, LVMH manager Philippe Schaus recently announced in a press release. A purchase sum was not mentioned. Jay-Z explained that the new partnership had “felt old familiar all along.” 

Jay-Z had bought the small wine press in the French Champagne region in 2014. He had discovered the premium brand – served in distinctive metal bottles with an Ace of Spades logo and therefore also called “Ace of Spades” – back in 2006 and presented it to the public in his music video “Show Me What You Got.” In 2019, around 500,000 bottles were sold worldwide – in 2020, sales slumped due to the Corona pandemic. 

Burdi W wine and cannabis
100 Prozent Petit Verdot und ausgebaut wie klassischer Wein, versetzt mit Bio-Hanf aus einem Hanf-Feld nahe der Gironde. (Foto: burdiw / Facebook)

Frenchman sells wine with cannabis extract – Raphael De Pablo advertises his drop as having “relaxing effects”

FRANCE (Bordeaux) – For particularly relaxing evenings, a Frenchman recently put wine with cannabis extract on the market. The entrepreneur Raphael De Pablo is quoted in French media: his drink of the brand “Burdi W” was added with cannabidiol (CBD) – a substance from hemp, to which, among other things, an anxiety-relieving and decramping effect is attributed. “It adds an additional relaxing note to the alcohol,” De Pablo says. 

Unlike the narcotic, cannabidiol is legal. However, because of the additive, De Pablo is not allowed to market his drink as “wine,” but must label it as a “flavored wine-based beverage.” To compensate for the strong CBD taste, the 28-year-old has also added “a hint of blackcurrant”.

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