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Oktoberfest cancellation aims to protect world-renowned brand

It no longer came as a surprise, but many in Munich and beyond are likely to be saddened: Munich's Oktoberfest is cancelled again this year, for the second time in a row. No drunken ...

Abuse and Fasting: The Role of Alcohol in the Pandemic

Since Ash Wednesday, we have been in Lent, which continues until Easter. Much has been discussed and written recently about the fact that alcohol consumption increased during ...

Wines in space – Noble drops returned from ISS

"We believe there is no plan B when it comes to climate change. We want to pave the way for our future by helping to invent the agriculture and food we need for tomorrow," says Nicolas Gaume of Luxembourg-based start-up Space Cargo Unlimited, summing up the ISS wine project ...

Wine industry with confidence – beer industry facing wave of bankruptcies

While the wine industry seems to have got off lightly in 2020, the beer industry is suffering badly. A drop in sales of up to 70 percent, accompanied by fears about the...

Million “plop” for a better year to Corona

New Year will also be celebrated more quietly this year.

Recipes against New Year’s Eve hangover

Probably the biggest party night of the year will be smaller at the turn of the year 2020/2021 under the conditions of the Corona pandemic and will take place at home. Whether...


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