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Aldi v. Comité Champagne in the “Champagner Sorbet” case

The German judiciary rules that Champagne does not confer an essential quality on the "Champagne Sorbet" marketed by Aldi. In the Aldi v. Comité Champagne case, the Munich Higher ...

The rarest wine and an old friend

As a wine journalist you get to know many interesting winemakers. A special one in this gallery is the indestructible Georg Stieglmar from Gols (Burgenland), about whom there is much to tell …

As if made for treasures – the wines of Maison Louis Jadot

There were times when the recommendations of the renowned wine critic Robert Parker were the benchmark for wine collectors. Parker has led the league of top critics, at least for Bordeaux and ...

New “Wein Niederösterreich” strengthens wine and winemakers

The protagonists expect more turnover, more added value and more identity from the new umbrella brand "Wein Niederösterreich" (in short: Wein NÖ). The starting signal for Wein NÖ GmbH was given last...

Unusual site classification in Styrian Volcanic Land

In the former southeastern Styria, called Vulkanland since a few years, a very special site classification was presented, initiated by the association „Eruption“ ...

Of visionaries and a revived vinophile tradition

A visit to the Polish Jaworek winery just outside Wroclaw. "Success depends on courage," Theodor Fontane told posterity. One could almost think that, when he said this, he had already taken a ...

Welcome home, Fritz Keller

For weeks, winemaker and restaurateur Fritz Keller from Oberbergen in Baden made headlines in his capacity as president of the DFB because he rashly and probably very ...

Some plant vines – others steal them

First vineyard in East Frisia receives pastoral blessing. The East Frisian Winegrowers' Cooperative reports the planting of 4000 vines. Not surprising, really, since there ...


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